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The Best Online CPD Accredited Mandatory and Specialist Care Courses.

Balance of Creation eLearning platform offers you the best online learn-at-your-pace healthcare courses that equip and qualify you to be a sought-after healthcare and support worker!
With over 80 CPD Accredited and Mandatory Healthcare Courses, we pride ourselves in meeting all your healthcare upskilling needs. Moreover, our platform is simple to navigate. Highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals deliver courses and our certificates are recognized by all agencies and organizations in the healthcare sector!
On our platform, you only have to follow 4 simple steps to achieve your learning goals:

  • Register and buy the course of your choice
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Write a simple 5-question exam (You only need to answer 3
    questions right to pass)
  • Collect your certificate!

Why We Are Different

CPD recognized certificate issued upon completion.

An Efficient and Cost-Effective Compliance System (ECECS)

An effective teaching method that makes comprehension easy

Over 80 Health and Social Care courses to choose from

Our courses are in-depth, thoroughly researched, and masterfully written by experienced registered Nurses, GPs, Advanced Nursing Practitioners, and experienced support workers.

Our mandatory courses are accredited by CPD

Our instructors are the industry's best with over 40 years of experience in nursing care, support work, and crisis prevention.

Our prices are highly pocket-friendly yet, the quality of our courses is top-notch!

Beyond Excellence

BOC Care Certificate

Our care certificate qualifies you as a competent carer and support worker. You would be equipped with all the relevant training, skills, and knowledge to become an exceptionally efficient care and support worker who is an employer’s delight

Over 80 Online Health Care Courses + Mandatory and Accredited by CPD

A rich list of healthcare courses that are CPD approved delivered by professionals with over 40 years of experience in the healthcare industry


Eradicate all compliance challenges and training ambiguity with our Efficient and Cost Effective Compliance System

MAPA/PMVA Training

Become adept at handling complex and crisis situations. Learn from the best!

Clinical Training

Learn how to administer special care for varying health challenges. Our registered nurses with over 40 years of practical nursing experience would deliver this course in theory and practice thus equipping you with essential skills that will boost your career and supercharge your earning

BOC E-Learning Compliance

BOC E-Learning is the most efficient and cost-effective compliance system (ECECS) you can find on the internet. ECECS eliminates the complex compliance challenges that employees face on a day-to-day basis.

Our system reminds you of the imminent expiration of certificates and sends reminders for all necessary refresher courses.

ECECS allows you to print and keep your certificate as documentation and provide it as proof when and/or if required.


BOC E-Learning provides high-quality courses and training. We ensure that our courses are compliant and regulated by CPD. Our courses are in perfect compliance with CQC requirements.

We have in house first aid trainer, MAPA and PMVA trainer

Our care certificate is professional and simple to read.

Our care certificate was design by our professional software and designing team.

Our certificate has all the required mandatory filed.

Our certificate has the company number

Our certificate has our recognise CPD number.