Balance of Creation E-Learning

Efficient and Cost Effective Compliance System

BOC E-Learning ensures our system is compliant with the UK latest legislation and law. We also ensure our E-Leaning platform and courses are easily accessible, efficient and cost effective for both employers and employees.

BOC E-Learning will surpass all your compliance stress and fatigue that your employees face. Hence, BOC E-Learning introduces our ECECS which overcome your challenges

Our employees and employers can access our system quite easily.

Frequent reminder of any expiry certificate.

Our ECECS was design to allow our customers to study in their own time at their own paste

Our ECECS was specifically designed to be used on any platform

Our ECECS allows you to always have the necessary and mandatory skills, training and experience

Our ECECS allow employers and employees to be compliant 24/7

Filters aid in gaining quicker access to a list of employees and certificates.

Our payment method allow both employer and employee to pay as you go.

Receipt/invoice and Certificate is emailed upon successful completion. Your Certificate is stored on your dashboard section for future reference.

Our client can select the preferred course and send the invoice to the employee, or the client can pay for the invoice

Our Certificate

Employee Portal

Client Portal