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These are pieces of training required for practice as a health and social care support worker. These courses include mandatory and accredited courses that qualify you for the care certificate.

The Care Certificate sets clear expectations for the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required for specific job roles in health and social care through a defined set of standards.

There are 15 mandatory courses included in the Care Certificate. They include:
❖ Understand Your Role
❖ Your Personal Development
❖ Duty of Care
❖ Equality and Diversity
❖ Work in a Person-Centred Way
❖ Communication
❖ Privacy and Dignity
❖ Fluids and Nutrition
❖ Awareness of Mental health, Dementia, and Learning Disabilities
❖ Safeguarding Adults
❖ Safeguarding Children
❖ Basic Life Support
❖ Health and Safety
❖ Handling Information
❖ Infection Prevention and Control

Yes! Beyond the mandatory courses, there are other important accredited courses you need to do to be an efficient healthcare and support worker. These courses will help you to be able to care for and support individuals with varying health challenges. These courses include Anxiety Awareness, Depression Awareness, Complaint Handling, etc.

Our courses are self-paced. This means that you can start and complete each course as your time allows. You can save your course and return to it later. However, most of our courses are 5 minutes long

We have MAPA/MPVA training courses that equip participants to handle challenging and crisis situations

There are only 5 questions for the assessment. You need to answer only 3 questions right to pass

Our courses are pocket-friendly at just £5 per course and are valid for 6 months

Yes! Our courses are compliant and regulated by CPD. They are in perfect compliance with CQC requirements.

New hires whether part-time or full-time starting out practice in healthcare and social support services as well as existing personnel working at various levels to update or improve their knowledge and abilities.

At the end of each course, you will take the assessment. When you pass the assessment, You can download your certificate of completion instantly!

Yes! You can register your employees and pay for them or send them an invoice (which you will generate on our platform) to pay themselves. We are always available to answer all your questions. If your question(s) have not been addressed in this FAQ, kindly reach out to us using our contact form