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Catheter Care

Catheter Care

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The course expalins the urinary system and the reasons why catheterisation may be necessary. It also explores the types of catheters, the risks associated with catheterisation and how these are managed. One will also learn the equipment that may be used by individuals who have a catheter and how to solve common problems, empty and change a catheter drainage bag.

Note: This course aims to give you knowledge and understanding of catherter care BUT DOES NOT qualify you to undertake catheterisation.

One should also undertake the Catheter Care Practical Course.

Course Duration: 1 Hr 25 Min


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  • CPD Accredited Approved: yes
  • Course Duration:
  • Course Level: Level 2

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# Topics Parent Topic
1 Getting Started
2 Introduction
3 Types of Catheters
4 Benefits and Uses of Catheter
5 Risks Associated with Catheterization
6 Common Problems with Catheterization
7 Module Completion