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Depression Awareness

Depression Awareness

Product description

This course gives the learner an understanding of the mental health disorder-depression. It explains the meaning of the term depression and how common it is. It then expands on the types of depression  including the severity and different ‘specifiers’ associated with the illness.

The course will also cover the causes of depression, the co-existing problems, treatment, support strategies, medication and self-help strategies to help individuals recover.

Course Duration: 1 Hr

The course will give the learner information on how to support individuals suffering from depression in their course of their work


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Key Highlights

  • CPD Accredited Approved: yes
  • Course Duration:
  • Course Level: Level 2

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# Topics Parent Topic
1 Getting Started
2 Introduction
3 The Different Types of Depression
4 Causes of Depression
5 Symptoms of Depression
6 Support and Treatment
7 Module Completion