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Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

Product description

This course gives a health and social care staff an understanding of what learning disability is and how to support and individual with learning disability.

The course explores the causes of learning disabilities, the diagnosis, the impact it has for individual and their families, the  historical aspects of learning disability and how this impacts on present day practice as well as the legislation and guidance on the topic.

The leraner will also get information on how to support individuals, emphasising the importance of personalisation, empowerment, inclusion and identity.

Course Duration: 45 Min


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Key Highlights

  • CPD Accredited Approved: yes
  • Course Duration:
  • Course Level: Level 2

All topics of Courses

# Topics Parent Topic
1 Getting Started
2 Introduction
3 Causes of Learning Disabilities
4 Historical Context of Learning Disability
5 Legislation and Policies
6 Barriers to Inclusion and Overcoming Barriers
7 Promote Communication
8 Module Completion