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Record Information

Record Information

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This eLearning course aims to introduce you to the topic of Recording Information in Health and Social Care.

It begins by describing what is meant by a record and then outlining the legislation, codes of practice and guidelines related to record keeping.

The course then explains the issue of consent with written records, highlighting the importance of ensuring consent, and in what circumstances the worker may pass over issues without prior consent.

The course then describes in detail good practice in recording information including ensuring accurate, complete, legible records, the difference between fact, opinion and judgement and how to best record these different types of information.

In the final stage, the course explores how to maintain security of records and details common errors made by staff in maintaining security of information.

Course Duration: 45 Min


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  • CPD Accredited Approved: yes
  • Course Duration:
  • Course Level: Level 2

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